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All seeds are regular male/female, photo-period sensitive, produced organically and without pesticides.
10 per pack. Free seeds with every order!
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LAP CHEONG: Gojilope x Sausage Berry
A fast-flowering Sativa dominant hybrid, Lap Cheong is sure to please with her large trichome laden inflorescences that possess a complex fragrance profile with notes of caramelized onions, garlic, ripe fruit, breakfast sausage and kung-pao chicken. 56-63 days flowering time indoors.

Vandelay: Lime Links x Lap Cheong
The product of powerhouse half-siblings, expect large dense inflorescences that smell of citrus, spice, earth, meat and bubblegum. Your friends will be so impressed, they’ll swear you’re an architect. An extremely resilient and easy to cultivate Indica dominant hybrid, 56-63 days flowering time indoors.

Donkey Cheong: Barnyard Candy (Lemon Cherry Gelato x Donkey Burger) x Lap Cheong
Prepare your olfactory for the stench. If you like rank funky fragrance profiles, this is the one. Mothballs, meat, body odor, old people, vomit with just a hint of fruit. You’ve been warned… Fast flowering Sativa dominant hybrid, 56-70 days indoors.
Barnyard Candy was bred by

McCheomper: McStomper (Mac Stomper x Unknown) x Lap Cheong
Extreme bag appeal from seriously prolific trichome production and with an OG Kush forward skunky funk front end fragrance that has a twist of meat on the back end. McCheomper will eat the competition. 50/50 hybrid. 56-63 day flowering time indoors.

Cultivar Development and Cultivation Consulting

•Irrigation/Fertigation System Design
•Soil/Grow Medium Selection
•Plant Health Analysis
•Pest/Pathogen Identification and Management
•Cultivation Facility Troubleshooting, Repair and Design

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We offer comprehensive consulting services for clients needing assistance with medium to large scale cannabis cultivation facilities. With a plethora of knowledge and experience our consultants can help your business realize its maximum potential.

We offer assistance with the following,
•Proprietary Cultivar/Strain Development
•Cultivar/Strain Selection and Acquisition
•Cultivar/Strain Genomic Analysis and Verification
•Horticulture and Basic Botany Classes for Staff Members
•Implementation of Various Cultivation Techniques
•Interpretation and Explanation of Lab Test Results
•Nutrient and Supplement Selection

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